Sunday, March 17, 2013

Cowboy Vibes

This post is all about my outfit that I just threw together! I'm very much of a person who plans every outfit in my head 5(0) days before the event! So today when I woke up and realized I haven't jig-sawed up my outfit in my head I knew it was time to see what I could throw on. Like food cravings, I have caught a clothing craving! Tights, I needed to wear Tights! When i found my wonderful leopard print tights I built it up from there! I thought my denim skirt and (my sister's) brown booties gave it a hint of cowboy,therefore the name of the post. Not forgetting the horse covered skirt layered with a floral top. I guess thinking of the spot wasn't that bad after all, Maybe I should do a again sometime? Same place and time next week?

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  1. You look stunning, I am in love with this outfit!

  2. so pretty girl!! =)

  3. Nice look, love the top especially :)
    I followed your blog, can you follow mine as well:
    Thanks xoxo